“Knowledge is power!”

Nowadays, huge amounts of data are collected on a regular basis.

In order to convert this unprocessed data into useful information and consequently into knowledge, professional data processing is required and this is where our Mobility Analyzer comes into play.

Based on the LIVE data from our partners (from image recognition or other acquisition systems), the Mobility Analyzer offers intelligent software that guarantees the processing and visualization of this data on various media and the transmission to defined data recipients.

We bring our many years of experience in the field of data management to this process to provide a clear and professional visualization of the LIVE data. Statistics, filter options, weather data and other evaluations are visualized via an interactive dashboard based on customer requirements to have an overview of current movements at the defined location. Historical analysis is possible as well.

The enriched data can be used to guide guests with special LIVE visualizations on the smartphone or with onsite info screens. In addition, the data can also be output as a data API.

We provide you with the knowledge you need about workload, occupancy, availability, waiting time, movement or capacity ... of your location!


Reporting & monitoring dashboards, web-based customer visualizations, Data-API, customer-based enterprise solutions:

Parking Management

● Recognition of standing and moving objects (GDPR-compliant)
    – Individual parking spaces
    – Defined zones
    – Register entries & exits
● Display of live & historic data
● Duration of stay
● Occupancy/workload analysis over time
● Visualization of parking space

People Activity Analyzer

● Recognition of persons (GDPR-compliant)
    – Workload of defined zones
    – Register entries/exits to confined spaces
● Occupancy/workload analysis over time
● Hold time analysis
● Visualization of building, office space, venue etc.

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