The Mobility Analyzer (MA) offers companies the opportunity to gain valuable insights from Big Data in order to make data-driven decisions. The business intelligence tool is specially optimized for large data volumes and real-time analysis, the basis of which was laid in an era with IoT, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

INTERMAPS offers a complete package, including project management, task analysis, conception, data acquisition/processing, reporting, visualization and sensor selection.

In the Mobility Analyzer, the incoming data and images from the connected image recognition and other acquisition systems are algorithmically processed and modeled LIVE.

The MA provides the required knowledge about occupancy, occupancy, availability, waiting time, disruptions, movement or capacity ... of the location, which can be used for guest guidance using LIVE visualizations on the smartphone, info-screens and as a data API as well as for marketing purposes.

The information obtained is displayed in a targeted manner on the interactive management dashboard and can also be combined with other information levels, such as weather. The available filters and time periods enable all decisions to be made based on this data-driven analysis.

The Mobility Analyzer (MA) also offers the necessary information for the ex-post analysis.


Reporting & monitoring dashboards, web-based customer visualizations, Data-API, customer-based enterprise solutions:

Parking Management

● Recognition of standing and moving objects (GDPR-compliant)
    – Individual parking spaces
    – Defined zones
    – Register entries & exits
● Display of live & historic data
● Duration of stay
● Occupancy/workload analysis over time
● Visualization of parking space

People Activity Analyzer

● Recognition of persons (GDPR-compliant)
    – Workload of defined zones
    – Register entries/exits to confined spaces
● Occupancy/workload analysis over time
● Hold time analysis
● Visualization of building, office space, venue etc.

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